VIRTUAL Engineers™ has been involved in the design and construction of over 100 solar PV projects worldwide.VIRTUAL’s competence and ability in Solar PV has been recognized by; The Ontario Power Authority, CanSIA, and Professional Engineers Ontario. VIRTUAL has become a leading provider of Solar PV Systems across Ontario, Canada in accordance with MicroFIT and FIT programs.

VIRTUAL provides the full range of engineering services from conception to structural assessment, panel layout, electrical and structural design and drawing, and building permit for construction. System sizes range from the residential rooftop three (3), five (5), seven (7), and ten (10) kWh systems, ground mount systems, and industrial 500 kWh to 650 kWh systems.

VIRTUAL has decades of experience and expertise in; the engineering, procurement, and construction management of municipal, domestic and industrial applications. Our engineers employ a process of intuitive methods and innovative design practices that allow VIRTUAL to reduce costs and increase performance.

VIRTUAL Engineers focuses on providing energy management engineering services to prompt sustainability and better serve your business and the environment.


Environment Canada and the Ministry of Environment issue permits and licenses for a variety of commercial, industrial, and recreational activities. Each permit pertains to the protection and/or conservation of the natural environment and living condition standards in Ontario.

Every business which operates in Ontario must adhere to the environmental requirements set in order to protect our air, land, and water resources by staying in compliance and reviewing the legislation regularly.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) provides guidelines and permits so that you and your business may understand and operate within Ontario’s environmental regulations. These regulations direct businesses to perform a variety of functions, such as obtaining environmental permits;

Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR)

The EASR is an online tool developed to allow businesses to register certain activities pertaining to the environment through the ministry. This method of reporting and remaining in compliance is available for common systems and processes where a preset of operation rules can be applied and can be used rather than applying for approval.

Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)

The ECA addresses all of a business’ emissions, discharges and wastes (in contrary to the former Certificate of Approval, where a business had to apply for separate air, noise, waste, and sewage approvals). Applications for the ECA are for businesses whose activities are not available on the registry.

VIRTUAL Engineers has the expertise in the regulations and permitting processes in order to keep your business up to date and within compliance with Ontario’s environmental requirements.


There is an ongoing need for solutions in efficient energy supply and utilization in today’s businesses. The goal to operate and produce while achieving minimal operational costs and maximum productivity has created a niche in the energy related activity sector of the consulting engineering field.

Energy efficiency is based on the principle to reduce energy consumption and costs while maintaining production capacity and the quality of living/operating conditions. VIRTUAL Engineers has carved out a solid team to provide services for energy management, providing engineering expertise to the electric power generation, co-generation and renewable energy industry.


Co-Generation is a cost-effective option for energy supply in industrial applications could which involves the simultaneous production of two forms of energy from a single energy source.

VIRTUAL Engineers provides consulting engineering services for co-generation projects in heating, cooling and process applications. It has become one of the most efficient methods of maximizing the utilization of available energy from a single fuel source or from a high temperature exhaust stream.

VIRTUAL offers the following Energy services:

  • Structural Assessment
  • Panel Layout
  • System design
  • Electrical and Structural design & drawings
  • Building permit for construction
  • Equipment layouts, designs, specifications, and sizing
  • Design of off-grid electrical systems including solar photovoltaic power
  • Life cycle cost estimating and analysis

The following is an example of the services we provide for an Emergency Generator ECA permit:

  • Site Visit performed by engineer for familiarization your business’ facility
  • Collection of data and drawings of site
  • Calculation of the emission rates of different contaminants from the generating set (such as NOx, CO, and Particulate Matter) in accordance with the Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling (ESDM) Report as published by the MOE in July 2005.
  • Mark up of the site drawing to show the emission points from the generator
  • Mark up of roof or plot plan showing vents from the generator set
  • Mark up of a roof or plot plan showing other combustion sources
  • Preparations of emission estimates from other combustion sources and determining effect
  • Determine the type of stack and emission source (virtual or point)
  • Determine the Point of Impingement (POI) concentrations for the pollutants emitted from the facility by performing Dispersion Modeling and comparing with MOE Criteria
  • Preparation of Noise assessment and impact report as part of the approval application
  • Estimate the fee that the client pays to the Minister of Finance care of the MOE with the ECA Application
  • Completion of application forms in the format required by MOE, certifying the calculations with a Professional Engineers seal and submission to the MOE Approvals Office and your business’ District Office

Typical project activities include:

  • Feasibility study and discounted cash flow analysis
  • Plant modeling and simulation
  • Fuel and electricity contract negotiation
  • Environmental and regulatory permitting
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Project and construction management
  • Start-up assistance and training