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TSSA Requirement for Livestock and Poultry Facilities

On August 25, 2014, the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) issued a Fuel Safety Program Advisory (FS-212-14) outlining requirements for unvented natural gas or propane heating appliances, installed in livestock and poultry barns, that vent their products of combustion directly into the barn space (clause 7.36):

  • The minimum ventilation rate of the barn (mechanical or natural ventilation) when the heaters are operating must not be less than 300 CFM / 100,000 BTUH (0.003 CFM / BTUH) of heaters input (clause 7.36.1(c)).
  • The maximum input of the heating appliances must not exceed 20 BTUH / FT3 of the space in which the appliance is located (clause 7.36.1(d)).

The requirements must be verified by a Ventilation System Design (who is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, pursuant to the Professional Engineers Act) and the information must be prominently displayed at the entrance of each barn.

Livestock and poultry facilities must be in compliance by January 2016.

VIRTUAL Engineers will perform the ventilation calculations that livestock and poultry facilities require for TSSA compliance.  Contact us now at (905)707-0704 for an estimate.

VIRTUAL offers the following Process Infrastructure services:

  • Front End Engineering Design Studies (Feasibility Studies)
  • Life cycle cost estimating and analysis
  • Energy and material balances
  • Fluid mechanics calculations and simulations
  • Process flow design and all supporting sub-processes
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Piping layouts, designs, specifications, and structural support
  • Equipment layouts, designs, specifications, and sizing
  • Storage tank layouts, designs, specifications, and sizing
  • Utility designs such as process steam, cooling water, and electrical layouts
  • Procurement and procedures for equipment delivery
  • Review and code compliance of shop drawings
  • Capital cost estimation and budgeting
  • Process integration studies and designs
  • Expert consultation addressing operations and maintenance issues
  • Development of start-up, shut down and emergency procedures
  • Risk analysis and optimization
  • Fire protection layout design
  • Consultation of unique process plant requirements
  • Industrial water and wastewater process improvement and optimization
  • Industrial water and wastewater process management and documentation
  • Spill prevention and control