Water and Wastewater Facilities

VIRTUAL Engineers™ has been involved in the design and construction of over 100 water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide. VIRTUAL has decades of experience and expertise in; the engineering, procurement, and construction management of municipal, domestic and industrial applications. Our engineers employ a process of intuitive methods and innovative design practices that allow VIRTUAL to reduce costs and increase performance.

VIRTUAL provides the full range of engineering services from conception to plant-start up, and upgrades and optimization of existing large and small-flow facilities.

VIRTUAL implements the best available technologies consistent with raw water characteristics and treated requirements for both wastewater and potable water applications to achieve the client’s goals.

We specialize in these process technologies for Wastewater Treatment Plants:

  • Fixed media plants including mixed bed biological reactors (MBBRs), biological aerated filters (BAFs), and/or rotating biological contactors (RBCs)
  • Suspended media including conventional activated sludge processes based on extended aeration regimes, continuous loop (carrousel or oxidation ditch) designs
  • Conventional activated sludge hybrids. Practical options include advanced sequencing batch reactors systems (SBRs), and membrane biological reactors (MBRs)

We specialize in these process technologies for Potable Water Plants:

  • Desalination plants; reverse osmosis or ultra-filtration membrane modules complete with pre and post storage tankage, regeneration equipment, and disinfection/sterilization of treated water along with all related instrumentation and controls.
  • Groundwater treatment plants; microfiltration and/or filter media for removal of iron and manganese followed by ion exchange columns for selective removal of heavy metals including boron, arsenic and similar contaminants.
  • Surface water treatment plants; conventional filtration, preceded, as applicable, by upstream coagulation and clarification of raw water. All potable water systems are designed to comply with local drinking water standards or WHO guidelines, as applicable.
  • Small flow and decentralized treatment systems.

VIRTUAL will use these technologies to design and invent the most efficient system specific to the facility. VIRTUAL makes sure that the client’s requirements are met. VIRTUAL’s experience in the design/build process ensures that the plants will be operating on a reliable and continuous basis.

VIRTUAL offers turnkey capability for the design, supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of pre-packaged biological waste treatment plants and potable water plants. This design is suitable for small municipalities, hospitals, resorts and housing projects.

VIRTUAL’s services in Water and Wastewater:

  • Environmental assessment and permitting
  • Project feasibility studies, evaluation and recommendations
  • Conceptual engineering and preparation of appropriation estimates
  • Process design, technology selection and plant optimization
  • Basic and detailed engineering including advanced process control
  • Preparation of project specifications, tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Overall cost control, scheduling and project management