Project Description

Buildings and Specialized Equipment/Structures

Xstrata Nickle’s Strathcona Mill

Location: Onaping, Ontario

Xstrata Nickel’s operations consist of 2 mines, a mill, and a smelter. The metals produced are nickel, copper, cobalt, and precious metals. The Strathcona mill receives ore from the mines and produces a nickel-copper concentrate stream that goes for smelting and a copper concentrate stream that goes for smelting and refining. Products from smelting are custom-feed materials and high-grade matte. Xstrata Nickel proposed additions to the existing Concentrator Building at the Strathcona Mill. VIRTUAL Engineers provided architectural, structural, and process engineering for the design and installation of mixing tanks, feed silo, CMC building extension, P&G Water Supply Mill Pump House, and Nickel Smelter Water Storage Tank.