Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines are a source of reneawable energy and VIRTUAL Engineers was chosen to design 6 metre, 9 metre, and 12 metre mast 6kW wind turbine towers for Bristol Machine Works.

VIRTUAL designed the foundation detail for the tower based on average and extreme soil and climate taking into account that the tower location could be anywhere in Canada or the rest of North America. VIRTUAL made the necessary modifications based on Bristol’s client, Two-West, including; addition of a solar panel, banner to the tower, and a change in the assumed wind and soil conditions.

The turbine tower structural design included a foundation, hollow tower post with splice and wind mill envelope. VIRTUAL provided all design wind loads for the tower post at different wind speeds.  The wind turbine tower would have to withstand being installed anywhere in North America and a standard foundation design was provided by VIRTUAL for average and extreme soil and climate conditions.

VIRTUAL’s engineering team provided the tower drawings’ material specifications, mounting hardware details and steel fabrication details, as well as the base plate details.  VIRTUAL additionally designed a banner for the tower at maximum size 30”x72” and the addition of a solar panel.  VIRTUAL also reviewed all footings and posts due to increased loads, wrote calculation reports for the three wind turbines, and covered access openings.

The 6m, 9m and 12m-mast 6 kW wind turbine preliminary designs were also completed.