Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Waste to Energy West Lorne BioOil Production & 2.5 MW Power Plant Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation Erie Flooring

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation had a BioOil BT3 Production Plant at 191 Jane Street in West Lorne, Ontario that produces BioOil from wood waste.  The plant was producing 100 tonnes per day and Dynamotive wanted to increase it to 130 TPD through upgrades. The plant produces BioOil from wood waste using pyrolysis process technology to generate 2.5 MW of power.  The plant is comprised of a nitrogen building, wood preparation building, and pyrolysis building.

Dynamotive’s Argentinean partner firm, TECNA S.A., provided the preliminary design for the upgrades and VIRTUAL prepared the detailed structural and electrical engineering drawings and specifications for regulatory approvals from authorities having jurisdiction as well as permits, approvals, and construction of plant. VIRTUAL also provided the structural design for the char silo and feedstock silo for the original plant in 2004.