Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Waste to Energy BioOil & 2.5 MW Power Plant Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation & Evolution BioFuels

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation was in the design phase of constructing a 200 tonne per day BioOil Production Plant on a 958,320 sq. ft. site located at 20 Campbell Road in Guelph, Ontario.  The plant was designed to utilize carbon greenhouse gas neutral fast pyrolysis technology with medium temperatures and oxygen-free conditions to turn dry waste biomass (wood chips) into BioOil for 2.5MW of power and heat generation.

Dynamotive’s Argentinean partner firm, TECNA S.A., provided the preliminary design and VIRTUAL was contracted to expedite the detailed engineering and construction phases.  VIRTUAL added its local and compliance knowledge in preparing permit drawings for site plan approval, building permits, and construction working drawings.  We obtained site plan approval and building permits, provided construction support, and oversaw completion.