Project Description

Buildings and Specialized Equipment/Structures

Toronto Zoo Cooling Tower

The Toronto Zoo’s Education Building is heated and cooled by water-to-air heat pumps.  In the summer, the heat removed from space is rejected to the atmosphere through a cooling tower.  The existing cooling tower was a BAC fluid cooler and was the original one installed to the building.  Although the cooling tower was operational, the Toronto Zoo expressed issues with its vibration isolators, support beams, and fan motor.

The Toronto Zoo engaged VIRTUAL Engineers to provide the engineering services to replace the entire cooling tower and its support structure.  VIRTUAL conducted an engineering review of the existing facilities and services.  We provided mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering analysis, design, and cost estimation for the cooling tower replacement.  We prepared the tender documents including drawings and specifications and provided tender support.  We also provided construction support, contract administration, commissioning, and project close out services.