Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) System with Thermal Storage and Heat Pump Loop for Ryerson University

VIRTUAL Engineers were contacted by Ryerson University Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering with request to develop a series of pilot scale (Photovoltaic Thermal) PVT experiments with heat pump loop and thermal storage. The scope of work included VIRTUAL to develop and build an apparatus to carry out multiple alternatives for experiments. Alternatives included: PVT panel with simultaneous thermal and electrical power generation with thermal storage, PVT panel with simultaneous thermal and electrical power generation without thermal storage, PVT panel with thermal power generation and thermal storage and PVT panel thermal generation calibration. Apparatus had to be mounted on skid and have capabilities for transportation.

VIRTUAL provided electrical engineering services which included panel size calculations, economic analysis, and equipment selection. Our mechanical services included design and installation of the heat pump system for the PVT system.  We monitored the installation as well as designed Data Logging system to monitor thermal and electrical energy simultaneously in PVT panel to reach the optimum point in terms of efficiency and productivity.