Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Grid Free Homes with PV Energy Storage System (Arista Homes Impressions, Kleinburg)

System designed with Jinko Solar polycrystalline modules, Sunrail Lite Classic tilted roof mounting system, Equana Technologies Bi-Direx series AC Battery and Sunny Boy PV inverter all to be installed on tilted roofs for Arista Homes development: Impressions of Kleinburg, a residential development that is located in Kleinburg, Ontario.  Off-grid energy solution for the new development in Kleinburg with implementation of a Combined Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Storage System (BSS) . Innovative design integrates 2kW rooftop solar PV with 16kW battery that is called AC Battery system and works in off-grid mode which could be designed for grid-tied mode as well.  The solar PV provides electricity to the residential unit during the day to reduce kWh from grid while recharging the battery. The battery is then used at peak demand hours (staged discharge times based on Hydro Peak Demand Charge rates).