Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

CHP System for Condominiums

The project involved installation of a 65 kW Integrated Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Microturbine generator in the two condominium buildings: A 22 storey Condominium and a seven (7) storey Condominium

The Microturbines generate power by the combustion of natural gas, the resultant waste heat is utilized for beneficial heating purposes thus maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the energy bills. The CHP has proved to be fuel efficient and environmentally beneficial than utility power and boiler heating.

The electricity produced by the microturbines can operate parallel to the grid and can be utilized to peak-shave the grid electricity.  This dramatically cuts the monthly power bills.  The heat is used for water and space heating.  This offsets fuel consumed by boilers and heaters.  In addition to daily energy cost reductions, CHP applications of Micro Turbines also provide secure power to keep business operational and occupants safe in the event of power outages.