Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

650 kW Roof Top Solar Generation Facility


Location: Midland, Ontario

The 652 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system is comprised of 2717 PV modules and was installed on the roof of an existing 320,000 square feet, single storey, industrial building and was connected to the grid.

VIRTUAL Engineers was retained by AGT Solar to undertake a structural review of the roof and supporting structures to determine its adequacy to support the superimposed loads from the proposed installation of the panels and racking system of the solar PV system. The structural assessment involved inspecting the structural elements of the building and roof, taking measurements to be used in structural assessment calculations, and performing structural design calculations based on the proposed loads to conform compliance to relevant codes and standards.

VIRTUAL was further commissioned to provide the structural and electrical drawings and specifications for building permit approval and Electrical Safety Authority permit approval. VIRTUAL prepared PV panel layout, ballast drawings, single line diagram, and DC system plan. VIRTUAL sized and specified all AC and DC equipment and cabling including inverter, transformer, combiner boxes, PV modules, switches, connectors, wiring and cables, and fuses.

VIRTUAL saw the project from inception to completion with weekly detailed reports and suitable recommendations to allow for the successful installation of the 650 kW PV Solar system.