Project Description

Renewable Energy, Environment & Sustainability

250 kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

VIRTUAL Engineers provided the design for the installation of a 250 kW PV System on the standing seam metal rooftop of an existing warehouse in Chatham-Kent, Ontario.  The PV System was comprised of PV modules that were installed into twenty arrays and connected to ten 25 kW inverters, which convert the DC power generated to 480 VAC, 3 Phase.  The output is converted to 600 VAC, 3 Phase by a transformer and is connected to the existing utility grid via fused disconnect interconnections.  The PV System feeds into the utility power grid.

VIRTUAL prepared the single-line drawings including both low voltage and high voltage interconnection. We conducted a Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) and prepared and submitted the CIA application to LDC. Additionally we prepared and submitted a Plan Review application and supporting documents to ESA, Building Permit application and supporting documents to City Building Department, and NTP Request Form to IESO. VIRTUAL conducted the roof assessment, full structural report, designed layout and general arrangement, load analysis for resulting forces on the roof, full electrical engineering drawings and specifications for ESA Plan Review requirements and Building Permit approval.