VIRTUAL developed a process that inverts a matrix of intuition, technology and experience on a cost-time baseline. This process enables us to manage uncertainties, streamline steps and ultimately produce elegant and efficient solutions to uniquely complex engineering challenges. The VIRTUAL problem solving process is based on a coupling of:

Innovative Design Practices

Innovative design practices that leverage technical dynamic programming, heuristic logic systems, engineering equations and visualizations.

Intuitive Methods

Intuitive methods inspired by continuous improvement and quality control techniques widely employed in the operation and management of industrial plants.

Elegant & Efficient Solutions

Innovative engineering practices are then leveraged to analyze, prepare and implement plans that minimize traditional design pitfalls, expedite steps and deliver on project goals.

The VIRTUAL Think Tank Addresses Engineering Challenges With An Initial Response Based on Our Intuitive Methods

Assume the Current Situation

  • You have a problem or need information that will use up your valuable time.
  • You wish you had that engineer down the hall to do these simple but time-consuming tasks.
  • You have a significant problem that requires specialized professional skills.

You need:

  • To find and define your problem.
  • To prepare an authorization request with cost estimate.
  • A referral for the available capable consultants and names of direct contacts.
  • To prepare a RFP
  • To get authorization and purchasing involved.
  • To review and select a bid

The VIRTUAL Engineer Solution

After VIRTUAL is contracted as your engineering provider,

  • You write, email, fax or leave voice mail of detailed technical/regulatory questions you want answered and,
  • Your Virtual Engineer responds with your technically verified answer.

With VIRTUAL Engineer Services, you can:

  • Talk to senior professional engineers on demand
  • Get peer review of engineering studies and reports
  • Get a strategic business evaluation of engineering reports
  • Get review of proposals
  • Get preparation of proposals
  • Get answers to technical questions
  • Get answers to regulatory questions
  • Get research information
  • Get referrals to major engineering consultants and technology suppliers
  • Work with a consultant to develop innovative solutions to your unique needs.

Your Benefits

  • Valuable Time – Yours and all the staff you would have to interact with
  • No need to hunt around internally using valuable production time
  • No need to use valuable purchasing time to place engineering services order
  • No need to write Authorization Request for simple jobs

Types of Services

  • Pre-feasibility, Pre-investment, Feasibility Studies
  • Economic Studies & Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Research and Development
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Contract Documents and Bid Evaluations
  • Project Management
  • Technical Assistance Advisory Services
  • Start-Up Operations and Commissioning
  • Product Production Technology & Management
  • Process Evaluation & Selection
  • Operation & Maintenance Planning
  • Training & Transfer of Technology